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Latest version is 1.5 released 2 January 2004

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Midi2ogg version history

version 1.1, 2 January 2004 (Late for the New Year version)

- Initial SourceForge release of Midi2ogg
- Midi2ogg is now release as a bzip2 tarball
- Midi2ogg is now GPL licensed Free Software. Find the license in the tarball.
- Major code cleanup including more comments so people can follow it a little more easily
- Now using a temp file instead of a pipe, as unfortunately the pipe was causing some problems with the latest version of oggenc
- Suppressed output from TiMidity++ and Oggenc and added some very basic handling in case of permission or other errors while converting
- changed TiMidity++ output to aiff format because I don't like Micro\$oft and au for some reason isn't supported by Oggenc
- Added a -H|--history option to keep track of changes to Midi2ogg
- Midi2ogg now prompts the user to overwrite an existing output Ogg Vorbis file

version 1.0, 14 May 2003

- Initial public domain release of Midi2ogg posted to Vorbis mailing list by the author 14 may 2003
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